The Sapiosexual Elite Association (SEA)

The Sapiosexual Elite Association (SEA) Club is the first intellectual social wills association that started in Nigeria and is registered with the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investments. It employs a novel approach to empower young Africans so they are stirred and inspired to take social development seriously and apply their creative minds to contribute tremendously to the all-round progress of Africa and the advancement of the entire human race.

Since inception, the Sapiosexual Club has grown in bounds and has membership strength of over 10,000 young professionals. Our mentoring program has birthed a vibrant community of high achieving entrepreneurs, civil society leaders and public servants who are unrepentantly committed to taking bold actions that create career and national success. Moreover, our work has helped to restore civic hope and reduce political apathy by creating a new breed of politically conscious individuals. As a direct result of our political drive, over 5,000 persons have registered to collect their permanent voters card and cast their vote in coming elections.

The success we have recorded so far therefore emboldens us to expand our reach and create a bigger platform that works round the clock to continue inspiring the leaders of today while preparing the leaders of tomorrow for the task of national development that rests on their shoulders. Our overarching goal is to provide an eclectic, active and vibrant platform for young, detribalized, knowledgeable and emerging Nigerian leaders to network, share ideas and engage productively in civic activities to chart the course for a new Nigeria and place the country on a pedestal of sustainable growth and development. Our objectives are to establish the principles of good governance and citizenship; bridge the cavernous social gap that exists between the different economic classes; take active interest in the civic, social and moral welfare of the community; encourage social innovation and entrepreneurship; encourage good neighbourliness and propagate the transformational initiatives conceived and championed by young Nigerians to Nigerians in diaspora and the whole world.

Our Colour Codes

BLACK: Represents Power and Strength

GOLD: Represents Wisdom, Wealth, Illumination and Success

WHITE: Represents Pure Heart, Hope and Light

RED: Represents the Fallen Heroes who fought for the freedom and development of the African Race and Man kind.

Club Justification

Like former US President, John F. Kennedy quipped in his mentally stimulating and thought-provoking inaugural address, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”, the Sapiosexual Elite Association (SEA) aka Sapio club is therefore birthed by G-1st International Foundation to rally Africa’s youthful intellectuals to form a common front towards finding, proposing, and when possible, implementing enduring solutions to combat the hydra-headed socio-political and economic challenges bedevilling Nigeria, Africa and the global sphere with fierce urgency.

The Sapiosexual Club is set to engage by convening club (E) -meetings, workshops, mentorship sessions, civic education/public enlightenment, webinars, programs and knowledge sharing circles etc.

The importance of forging a common front and finding workable solutions to the developmental challenges in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. With a population of 198 million, which is projected to reach 246 million by 2030, and the youngest age distribution in any region, we at The Sapio Community have no doubt that Nigeria is at a break or make moment. Without mincing words, if the socioeconomic challenges facing Nigeria are not tackled with fierce urgency, the social and political fiber holding the country together is sure to be ripped apart.

It is therefore in a bid to turn Africa around positively that the Sapio Club seeks to create a formidable front of eclectic and knowledgeable African citizens that will find and execute home grown solutions that will solve Africa’s wicked problems, give Africans a better life and assure the development of Africa’s influence to socioeconomic development.


To become the desiderata for our generation and beyond through a conglomerate collaboration of intelligence.


“Empowering minds”


To Support and prepare the minds Nigerians and Africans as a whole (both home and abroad) for the UN 2063 goals.

  • 1. To Promote the principles of good government and citizenship (bridging the gap between the government and its people)
  • 2. To bridge the social gap between classes via intelligence.
  • 3. To Be the first point of contact for FDI’s (Foreign direct investment)
  • 4. To Encourage Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • 5. To Inspire innovations across Cultures and generations via the power of human Intelligence and innovation
  • 6. To Introduce the importance of intellectual entertainment – Arts, Music, Film, Comedy
  • 7. To Take active interest in the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of the community
  • 8. To introduce expose and encourage good neighborliness amongst citizens of the New Africa both home and diaspora.
  • 9. To Expose Nigeria’s transformational initiatives to Nigerians in diaspora, Africa and the world.
  • 10. To encourage, foster and promote the importance of healthy long lasting relationships.

Our Pledge

I pledge to be patriotic, to add substantial value to the Sapio club and to my country Nigeria.
Promise to live in Love, Unity and Peace at all times,Must finish the race in good faith wherever I may find my self, (Once a Sapio Member, Always a Sapio Member). I Promise to represent my self, other siblings and what I stand for in a very positive manner and I state to have my membership revoked if my word doesn’t become my bond.

  • I promise not to get involved in anything that brings violence.
  • I will not shy away from duties.
  • I will be willing to serve and render my supports when need be.
I am obliged to encourage peace and harmony, to desist from any act that might lead to strive or rivalry amongst siblings.

So help me God!

About the Founder

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Sonnia Agu

A certified Harvard business school entrepreneur See More

Our Partners

Our Partners

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