Sapio Club Membership Benefits


  • Grow Clientele
  • Funding - Social Capital
  • Business Ads and Listings
  • Access to extra information (Sponsorship Details)
  • Direct Access to Government
  • International Investors
  • Opportunities to Young Entrepreneurs, business ideas and research
  • Leadership Skills (Preparation for Office), not too young to start making impacts!
  • Contribute your quota to national development

Travel and Tourism

  • Group Travel and Visa packages for Summer trips
  • Discounted flight ticket - Membership Cards
  • Discounted Cargo services (Import and Export business)
  • Flight lounge passes
  • Hotel discounts, Spa, Fitness and health plans and packages

Relationship and Social Life

  • Counselling
  • Match Making
  • Sibling Birthday celebrations (Monthly star signs)
  • Celebrating lovers and role models
  • Enjoy variety of planned lifestyle themed locations and events - various meeting locations i.e yatch , resorts, picnics, jogging, cycling etc.
  • Monthly themed style meetings
  • Hosting of monthly mentors, retirees, professionals, elites on various fields
  • Relationship spice

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Our Partners

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